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Self-love exaggerates our faults as well as our virtues. Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
The snow goose need not bathe to make itself white. Neither need you do anything but be yourself. Lao-Tzu
Above the cloud with its shadow is the star with its light. Above all things reverence thyself. Pythagoras
It is of practical value to learn to like yourself. Since you must spend so much time with yourself you might as well get some satisfaction out of the relationship. Norman Vincent Peale
When you feel good about yourself, others will feel good about you, too. Jake Steinfeld
I'd rather be able to face myself in the bathroom mirror than be rich and famous. Ani DiFranco
When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and bring joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life. Jean Shinoda Bolen
He who falls in love with himself will have no rivals. Benjamin Franklin
Know that you are your greatest enemy, but also your greatest friend. Jeremy Taylor
The best way to forget ones self is to look at the world with attention and love. Red Auerbach
Self-love is often rather arrogant than blind; it does not hide our faults from ourselves, but persuades us that they escape the notice of others. Samuel Johnson
Whatever you are from nature, keep to it; never desert your own line of talent. Be what nature intended you for, and you will succeed; be anything else, and you will be ten thousand times worse than nothing. Sydney Smith
To dream of the person you would like to be is to waste the person you are. Anonymous
If we really love ourselves, everything in our life works. Louise L. Hay
Love yourself unconditionally, just as you love those closest to you despite their faults. Les Brown
If only I had a little humility, I'd be perfect. Ted Turner
Monkeys are superior to men in this: when a monkey looks into a mirror, he sees a monkey. Malcolm De Chazal
It is not love that should be depicted as blind, but self-love. Voltaire
People who do not love themselves can adore others, because adoration is making someone else big and ourselves small. They can desire others, because desire comes out of a sense of inner incompleteness, which demands to be filled. But they can not love others, because love is an affirmation of the living growing being in all of us. If you don't have it, you can't give it. Andrew Matthews
If you aren't good at loving yourself, you will have a difficult time loving anyone, since you'll resent the time and energy you give another person that you aren't even giving to yourself. Barbara De Angelis
A low self-love in the parent desires that his child should repeat his character and fortune. Ralph Waldo Emerson
A healthy self-love means we have no compulsion to justify to ourselves or others why we take vacations, why we sleep late, why we buy new shoes, why we spoil ourselves from time to time. We feel comfortable doing things which add quality and beauty to life. Andrew Matthews
How many cares one loses when one decides not to be something, but to be someone. Coco Chanel
Practice being at home with yourself, as you step out to be with others. Marcia Wieder
I dote on myself, there is that lot of me and all so luscious. Walt Whitman
The way it actually works is the reverse. You must first be who you really are, then do what you need to do, in order to have what you want. Margaret Young
Learn what you are and be such. Pindar
Know the self to be sitting in the chariot, the body to be the chariot, the intellect the charioteer, and the mind the reins. Veda Upanishads
Self-love, is not so vile a sin as self-neglecting. William Shakespeare
Do not wish to be anything except what you are. St. Francis De Sales
I am a big believer in the ''mirror test.'' All that matters is if you can look in the mirror and honestly tell the person you see there, that you've done your best. John McKay
Be that self which one truly is. Soren Kierkegaard
Resolve to be thyself: and know, that he who finds himself, loses his misery. Matthew Arnold
Don't worry about growing older or pleasing others. Please yourself. David Brown
Our first and last love is... self-love. Christian Nevell Bovee
You will always have to live with yourself, and it is to your best interest to see that you have good company -- a clean, pure, straight, honest, upright, generous, magnanimous companion. Orison Swett Marden
Accept yourself as you are. Otherwise you will never see opportunity. You will not feel free to move toward it; you will feel you are not deserving. Maxwell Maltz
Self-love seems so often unrequited. Anthony Powell
Self-love is the instrument of our preservation. Voltaire
There is a voice inside which speaks and says: ''This is the real me!'' William James
Self-love for ever creeps out, like a snake, to sting anything which happens to stumble upon it. Lord Byron
Self-love depressed becomes self-loathing. Sally Kempton
The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved, loved for ourselves, or rather loved in spite of ourselves. Victor Hugo
The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique. Walt Disney
There's only one me, and I'm stuck with him. Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

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