WordPress Hosting Guide

By: Ejaz Alam | Topic: Web Hosting

WordPress hosting guide for you to read true & unbiased WordPress hosting comparison and reviews to select the best WP host for your site, all the data is based on verifiable facts and figures to decide wisely.

Best WordPress Hosts

Keeping in view the facts and figures and personal experience my recommendations of the best WordPress Hosts that are experts in this field are:

1. InMotion Hosting   2. Hostgator  3. Arvixe

Selecting best WordPress host for your website is one of the toughest decision to make. Read the WordPress hosting comparison below of different WP hosts and decide wisely about the one that suits your requirement and budget.

WordPress Hosting Comparison

WordPress Hosting Comparison

The list doesn’t ends here but it is better for you to study and compare only 3-5 WP hosts and not more than that (better is 3) as it will not clutter your mind and make it easy to decide.

Inmotion WordPress Review

No 1 choice for WordPress Hosting

Bad Points: No monthly/6 monthly payment plans, but if you are hosting 2 websites then it becomes the cheapest of all because the price comes to $3.75

Good Points: Hosting charges fine, you get a free domain with the plan. Customer support and uptime is excellent, choice of server location that is very good and you can host 2 websites.

Visit InMotion Hosting

You can read detailed InMotion WordPress Hosting Review

Hostgator WordPress Review

No 2 choice for WordPress Hosting

Bad Points: Hostgator seems to be expensive with $11.96 monthly/6monthly payment plan. Their bandwidth is limited to 100,000 visitors but that is fine with most of the webmasters. No free domain.

Neutral Points:  Customer support is not that easy and friendly and their wait time is very long.

Good Points: Though they are bit expensive and limited but their quality of service is superb. This service means that your site speed will be amazingly fast and their uptime is also excellent.

If you are comfortable with the price and want only quality then Hostgator is the best.

Visit Hostgator

Arvixe WordPress Review

Bad Points: Customer support sometimes respond late but if you are knowledgeable then it doesn't effect to much.

Good Points: Reasonable price, flexible payment options monthly/6 monthly/yearly. You can host 5 domains in a single account.

Visit Arvixe


Bad Points: Very limited bandwidth that is restricted to only 10,000 visitors per month, disk space just 10 GB as compared to others' unlimited space. 1 months price with trial is very high $18.90, no monthly/6monthly plan, only yearly payment.

Good Points: Yearly price is very low only $3.95, almost half of others (but you are getting also very limited things). You get a free domain, customer support and uptime is reasonably good.

Authors' Notes

Now if you closely see the WordPress Hosting Comparison given above you will notice that though every WordPress host offers different package but at the end they are not at loss. The one's that are offering free domains with the plan have no monthly, 6 monthly payment option, so you have to pay them for a complete year.

WordPress Hosting Guide

WordPress hosting is primarily needed by webmasters and bloggers who have websites/blogs made in WP CMS. Though it is not must to have exclusive WordPress hosting for your blogs but if you are a serious blogger who wants some ease of operation and technical facilities related to your CMS then opting for exclusive WordPress web hosting can offer several benefits.

Almost every web hosting package offers the facility of installing WordPress in one way or the other. Most of the hosting companies let WordPress to be installed through the famous Softaculous that is a bundle of several applications. However there are certain WordPress web hosts that offer specialized WordPress hosting to their clients with some additional features.

WordPress Hosting Requirements

WordPress is a simple and light weight script that doesn’t require any special hosting except the following:

WordPress.org recommends Apache or Nginx as the most robust and featured server for running WP but any server that supports PHP and MySQL will serve your purpose.

Not Required But Recommended

Experts say that hosting is more secure when PHP applications as WP are run using your accounts username instead of server default shared username. Almost every web host use SuPHP, you may like to ask the hosting company if they use SuPHP or something similar to it.

Points to Consider for WordPress Hosting

Like all other types of hosting your WP blog/website also require following 3 things in addition to other common requirements:

1. Speed: It is of prime importance in order to be successful online, in addition to this from SEO point of view site speed is also an important contributing factor for good search engine ranking. Since WordPress sites tend to get heavy due to plugins, widgets and to a large extent on the theme you choose, so it is advisable to select only that WordPress Web Host who guarantees good loading speed for your website.

In addition to the good site ranking website speed is also required to retain web visitors by providing them excellent user experience. Remember it is the first impression that you create on your visitors that will build your online credibility.

2. Security: Yes security of your website of course is a top most requirement for you but the WordPress hosting requires additional security measures due to the vulnerability of the CMS to potential attacks. Spammers and hackers mostly attack WordPress sites and their databases as it is much easier than going for HTML and sites in other programming languages.

Clever webmasters keep their plugins, widgets and WP application up-to-date in order to fight the potential attacks. However best WordPress hosts do help you in providing extra security features in their hosting packages.

So whenever you decide to choose a WordPress host then know in detail of its security features and ask their support of any additional questions those may arise in your mind. I have seen a WP site that is about inspirational quotes but most of the keywords those appear in Google webmasters’ tools are about ‘escort girls’. This creates a very bad impression of the websites not only on the visitors but also on the search engines.

3. Reliability/Uptime: Reliability of any WordPress hosting includes but not limited to all the above points and uptime of the servers. If everything is going fine but your website mostly shows ‘page cannot be displayed’ message to the visitors then all your efforts will drain down. So it is better to do your home work, spend lot of time on research before finalizing the best WordPress host, because it will save you from lot of mental tension afterwards.

Read different WordPress hosting reviews, talk to people and when you are fully confident on the reliability factor of a WordPress host then only order the hosting package.

These were some of the points to remember before finalizing any WordPress host and this guideline is for the webmasters who have all the knowledge of managing their WordPress site themselves. However if you are not knowledgeable about WP CMS and its maintenance or you are a large online business then you can opt for managed WordPress hosting that will reduce your work load significantly. There are number of best WordPress hosts that can provide you with such services, what all can be provided by them can be read here to get an idea about the services provided by them.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting takes the major burden off your shoulders and you can concentrate on your business affairs only. Due to the increasing popularity and increased usage  of the WordPress platform several web hosts have started offering managed WordPress hosting services to their clients. To cater for the needs of their customers they have employed several WordPress technicians who possess extensive and specialized knowledge about WordPress. So they are in a better position to solve your WP related issues.

Do You Really Require Managed WordPress Hosting?

If you are comfortable with WordPress usage and can handle its issues yourself without requiring any help then you may not opt for managed WordPress hosting but ask for simple hosting. Let us see who are one’s who really require managed WordPress hosting instead of simple WordPress hosting packages.

VPS-Virtual Private Server

1. Individuals who are less knowledgeable about the core WP content management system, its plugins, widgets, themes, maintenance, security and overall management of the WP platform. As WordPress requires lots of tasks to be done for the smooth functioning of a WP site so you need sufficient knowledge in order to have an effective online presence.

If you are in the learning process but want to have your website/blog up and running immediately and smoothly then it is better to opt for managed WordPress hosting initially and when you are fully confident about the management of the WP yourself then you can opt out and go for a simple and much cheaper hosting package.

2. Second type who may require WordPress managed hosting are the large companies and online business who are engaged in production of the products and processing of orders with less or no staff to manage their WordPress websites. This is for sure that every businessman can’t be WP expert and business expert at the same time. So if you are a busy business professional who solely want to concentrate on your business related matters then the managed WordPress hosting is the ideal solution for you.

In most of the cases it will save you lots of money by not hiring an in house webmaster to maintain your website. There are several good WordPress hosts who provide such services at affordable rates and this brings peace of mind to you by getting sufficient time to concentrate an your business related matters.

Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting

This type of hosting offers several benefits over normal hosting. As mentioned earlier that the web hosts who offer WordPress managed hosting have employed several WP experts who are aware of the issues and remedies of problems related to WP platform, plugins, security and maintenance of the CMS. So most of your WP related issues will be solved in a quick time without disturbing you.

Managed WordPress hosting provider may offer you following:

a. Security: They will provide every possible help and assistance to ensure complete security of your WP website. They keep an eye on the potential threats and employ advance protection of the databases and WP platform. In addition to this they may offer fixes, security patches and solutions to the effected websites. This of course is a very important requirement for an online business website having some confidential information about the clients and business data.

b. Site Optimized for Performance: A WP website that is fully optimized performs better so if you buy WordPress managed hosting your website will be optimized for performance by the specialist WP technicians. Since they are at hands and fully trained for the job you can own a well performing website that can create a good impression on your site visitors and potential clients. They will understand that you are serious about your business and it increases your credibility.

c. Regular Backups: This facility is particularly important for business owners/webmasters with large databases that contains important client data or business information. It is the task of the managed WordPress hosting provider to take regular backups of your website in order to protect and safeguard the important files and data. Due to some un-avoidable incident you will never lose your files, folders or data. This can be considered as a big advantage offered by the WordPress hosts.

d. Advice/Support: Your WordPress hosting provider will keep an eye on the plugins, themes and widgets installed on your website and will advise you if any plugin or part creates any problem or prove to be harmful for your website. If this happens then it is advisable to pay attention to your managed WordPress hosting provider for smooth functioning of your website.

In case you are confident enough and know the issue yourself then discuss the matter with them to be on the same page. Since you are paying them more money than normal hosting package so you will be entitled for dedicated/priority support through phone, chat or their ticket system.

The benefits of managed WordPress hosting are not limited only to the points mentioned above but you may get some added benefit also. It varies from host to host and you must check before you opt for any sort of WordPress managed hosting.

Disadvantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

After reading and understanding about the WordPress managed hosting now let us see some of its disadvantages of it. Like everything that has good points also have some bad points so is the case with this type of web hosting.

a. Limitations of Websites Hosted: If you normally see any hosting package you will find that number of sites allowed to be hosted on a panel is quite large and in some cases unlimited. Whereas this option in managed WordPress hosting is very limited. You can host very less number of websites and that to only in WordPress CMS, you are not allowed to host websites in other programming languages or CMS. Thus a webmaster is restricted to WP platform with less sites.

The WordPress hosts are justified for this because they don’t have unlimited number of employees who can manage unlimited websites hosted by their clients. Similarly a WP expert may not be as good in maintaining other CMS, platforms and programming languages.

b. More Costly Than Normal Hosting: This is an understandable point that managed WordPress hosting will cost you more than a normal hosting. This is also rationale and WordPress web hosts are justified to charge more in order to pay for the expenses incurred due to additional employees. That is why it is said that such type of managed WordPress hosting is suitable for large online businesses and websites. You get extra so you have to pay extra.

Except the above mentioned two points I don’t see any other disadvantage of managed WordPress hosting. The choice is yours and you are best judge of your requirements.

Final Word

Whatever help and services your web host promises to provide you, remember one thing that it is YOUR website and only you are in love with it, so you should not solely depend on the WordPress hosting provider and learn to manage and maintain your website yourself.