Rich Snippets Trend at Decline in Google

There was a time when everybody was after rich snippet, trying to get one in the search results. However with the tweet of Zineb from Google things may change significantly. Zineb who work as a Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google tweeted in French that reads,  “enfin, nous essayons de ne pas trop “encombrer” les SERPs avec trop de sites avec RS. Du coup, vos critères sont à évaluer.”  Translation of which comes to, “Finally, we try to not “clutter” the SERPs with too many sites with RS. Suddenly, your criteria are to evaluate.”

If you see the search results of a search term particularly related to reviews then you will find several rich snippets, but the search result page often gave a cluttered look. Google has been reducing the number of rich snippets in the past few months and trying to show them only where necessary.

Due to the attractiveness and increased CTR, many webmasters and SEO consultants have devised several ways to manipulate the search results with adding stars and ratings with the rich snippet. However as we know that Google is always emphasizing on good user experience so this seems to be a good move to reduce the number of rich snippets to bare minimum.

As a regular searcher I strongly advocate that Google should only use rich snippets with search results after verifying the accuracy of it. Hhmm, not a daunting task for the search giant and it can easily develop some algorithm to get the things done.

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