Rich Snippets Trend at Decline in Google

There was a time when everybody was after rich snippet, trying to get one in the search results. However with the tweet of Zineb from Google things may change significantly. Zineb who work as a Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google tweeted in French that reads,  “enfin, nous essayons de ne pas trop “encombrer” les SERPs avec trop de sites avec RS. Du coup, vos critères sont à évaluer.”  Translation of which comes to, “Finally, we try to not “clutter” the SERPs with too many sites with RS. Suddenly, your criteria are to evaluate.”

If you see the search results of a search term particularly related to reviews then you will find several rich snippets, but the search result page often gave a cluttered look. Google has been reducing the number of rich snippets in the past few months and trying to show them only where necessary.

Due to the attractiveness and increased CTR, many webmasters and SEO consultants have devised several ways to manipulate the search results with adding stars and ratings with the rich snippet. However as we know that Google is always emphasizing on good user experience so this seems to be a good move to reduce the number of rich snippets to bare minimum.

As a regular searcher I strongly advocate that Google should only use rich snippets with search results after verifying the accuracy of it. Hhmm, not a daunting task for the search giant and it can easily develop some algorithm to get the things done.

No Welcome E-mail From InterServer

I recently became a client of InterServer, however after passing 3 days with them there’s no welcome e-mail from the web host, just a normal count information mail.

It is a normal practice that when you become a new client of any web hosting company they send you a pre-designed welcome e-mail. The e-mail normally greets the webmaster and ask him if he has any problem in setting up his account or things like that.

This gesture of the web hosts have practically no affect on me as I am an experienced and seasoned webmaster who has several such experiences. However this speaks of the company policy, that if done speaks good about the web host, giving an impression that they really care about their customers.

The process can be very simple and an auto generated e-mail can be sent to anyone who has recently signed up for a hosting plan. Psychologically it can have large impact as the new client will develop a sense of closeness and friendship. Anyhow good luck to me and my web host.

Got New Hosting For EjazAlam

Today I signed up with a new web host named ‘Interserver’ for the hosting of my primary domain EjazAlam. One of the reasons to sign up with the new hosting company is to check the quality of their hosting and customer support.

I intend writing a hosting review of the above web host and it is always better to test the company so that you get first hand information about it. I was watching it for quite some times and now I entered in to it.

I will let you know in details after about a couple of weeks when I have assessed Interserver from every angle. I assure you this wait is worth of your time, so stay tuned.

Arvixe New Domain Management Panel

A couple of weeks back Arvixe has renewed their domain management panel giving it a new look. though it is very impressive indeed but is not user friendly at all and some of its functions are not working till date.

I needed EPP code for a domain and to my horror that option was not working properly and I had to e-mail the support to get the EPP code for the required domain.

At an another occasion I wanted to register a domain name and as usual I logged in the domain panel, after checking the domain availability I ordered it but when I tried to add funds in it the button got dead and I was unable to pay for the domain name I wanted.

I searched for a new domain registrar and after reading reviews and getting satisfied I registered the domain name with Name Silo a very decent and efficient domain registrar that is not only cheaper than Arvixe but their options are also very user friendly.

Ejaz Alams Blog Launched

Blog for the main website of EjazAlam has been launched where I will share updates about the website. In addition to this I will also add my view point, analysis of latest tech, IT and telecom news with you for discussion.

The main focus will be to achieve effective online presence through different methods for the better ranking and brand awareness of your business. This will help you to achieve good, successful and profitable cyberpreneurship and you will be having a profitable online business.

Since I am a professional SEO consultant so whenever I find some spare times I will surely add my personal experience on the subject for your knowledge and information.

Web hosting is an important subject for all webmasters because they cannot survive without it in the online world. Therefore you will find an extensive resource or web hosting guide to learn and be wiser about the subject.

Arvixe Ticket Support System Changed

Arvixe web host have brought a change in their ticket support system and it will be enforced on 5 Feb 2015. Before that a customer can e-mail the support department from their usual e-mail client but now only the customers who have the accounts with Arvixe will be able to do it through their web hosting control panel.

According to an e-mail received from Arvixe that says,

‘This new support method will help us verify your account details before a ticket is created. This will help us deliver faster response times, and will also ensure the security of your account with Arvixe.’

This seems to be fine and no problem for the customer but a little trouble to login in to their accounts to submit the tickets, which is just a minute and negligible problem. We the customers welcome this change and hope for the best expecting from Arvixe to also reduce the support response time.