Importance of Uptime of Your Business Website

Business websites need to be online 24 hours a day because someone very wisely said that, ‘there’s no time fix time of death and a customer’, they can arrive at any time. Keeping in view this sentence you have to ensure the best uptime guarantee from your host and the best one for business hosting is InMotion Business Hosting that is considered as a leader in providing hosting to the online business websites. So take this point seriously so that you don’t lose a client because of your website being down and not available.

Most of the web hosts offer 99.9% uptime guarantee but you have to ensure personally by keeping a record of your sites’ uptime. There are several good online services that offer to monitor the uptime of your website. You may like to test the free service of Uptime Robot to monitor the uptime of your business website. This is one of the best website I came across for this purpose.

To ensure the availability of your website to the customers you should also monitor it personally. If you are using dedicated server hosting then the things may be somewhat easier for you because the dedicated servers are mostly looked after more efficiently.

Of course the price is on the higher side but it does offer certain additional benefits that may help you to remain active and available to your clients for most of the time.

If your website is not online for most of the time Google bots will not be able to crawl it effectively and as a result there will be slow indexing of your website. You will get warning in your webmaster dashboard that your site was not available.

This results in to poor user experience that will ultimately lead you to low ranking on SERPs, and most of you understand the consequences of low ranking. This means no traffic, no sales and if it is so then what is the use of having a business web site?

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