Google No Date/Timestamp Penalty

I read a very interesting post by  of seroundtable saying that he dislikes blogs and websites that don’t have timestamp with their posts. He was so annoyed with such bloggers and webmasters that he even demanded Google to penalize such blogs and sites. In his word:

I suggested that Google release a penalty for not having timestamps on blog posts or articles. Call it the Google No Date Penalty and slap this penalty down hard on bloggers who don’t have timestamps.

To add weight to his arguments quotes a tweet of Google’s John Mueller who also hate it.

I agree with him to some extent because this can’t happen with static websites having tutorials and guides like mine. Yes this is of course possible for the blogs and websites with daily updated content.

I want to request Bary to please exclude and excuse the websites that have static content. Well this was the lighter part of it, however the blogs and if possible websites should add at least dates with their posts so that people can get fresh content.

I am victim of this to because it happened number of times that on searching I found sites with years old content ranking high on SERPs. I am sure Google has sufficient resources to rank fresh content higher (of course where it is required).

If we load everybody in the same penalty boat then big sites with old static content like WiseGeek, and several others will be badly affected.

Anyhow it was a nice post to read and it has also inspired me that I must have dates with my blog posts respecting the human nature to always get fresh milk.

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