Don’t Clutter Your WordPress Dashboard

If you use WordPress as your blogging platform then you must try to keep the things organized and clean. One of the way is to de-activate and delete the plugin that you do not use. It is a habit of several bloggers that they keep on installing any plugin that comes in their way.

Sometimes several copies of same type of plugin can be found in your WordPress dashboard, say you need a contact form utility, then after getting with the required plugin delete all others that are of the same type.

Unnecessary plugin in your WordPress dashboard will clutter it and it will get difficult to organize and manage the things properly.  If you have opted for good Managed WordPress Hosting then things can get easier for you. In addition to this unused plugin will also use more space and server resources, your WordPress website will get blotted and heavy.

So the best option is to make a list of all the plugin that you use frequently so that the next time whenever you require them you don’t need to search them again. It is also advisable to keep the use of plugin to bare minimum. Try to add minor utilities by theme customization.

Sometimes a simple piece of code added o one of your php file can save you from installing a plugin. Remember plugin are developed by others whom you have no relations. So if you are a serious blogger who want to remain online for a longer duration then try to learn the things yourself.

This does not mean that you stop using plugin at all, there are number of useful ones without which you cannot have a good WordPress site or blog. The only point I am emphasizing is to keep the usage of plugin to bare minimum and all the un-used plugin in your WordPress dashboard should be trashed.

Try it and your mind will be at peace. You can learn more by reading WordPress Tutorials to learn about the platform.

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