Got New Hosting For EjazAlam

Today I signed up with a new web host named ‘Interserver’ for the hosting of my primary domain EjazAlam. One of the reasons to sign up with the new hosting company is to check the quality of their hosting and customer support.

I intend writing a hosting review of the above web host and it is always better to test the company so that you get first hand information about it. I was watching it for quite some times and now I entered in to it.

I will let you know in details after about a couple of weeks when I have assessed Interserver from every angle. I assure you this wait is worth of your time, so stay tuned.

Arvixe New Domain Management Panel

A couple of weeks back Arvixe has renewed their domain management panel giving it a new look. though it is very impressive indeed but is not user friendly at all and some of its functions are not working till date.

I needed EPP code for a domain and to my horror that option was not working properly and I had to e-mail the support to get the EPP code for the required domain.

At an another occasion I wanted to register a domain name and as usual I logged in the domain panel, after checking the domain availability I ordered it but when I tried to add funds in it the button got dead and I was unable to pay for the domain name I wanted.

I searched for a new domain registrar and after reading reviews and getting satisfied I registered the domain name with Name Silo a very decent and efficient domain registrar that is not only cheaper than Arvixe but their options are also very user friendly.

Ejaz Alams Blog Launched

Blog for the main website of EjazAlam has been launched where I will share updates about the website. In addition to this I will also add my view point, analysis of latest tech, IT and telecom news with you for discussion.

The main focus will be to achieve effective online presence through different methods for the better ranking and brand awareness of your business. This will help you to achieve good, successful and profitable cyberpreneurship and you will be having a profitable online business.

Since I am a professional SEO consultant so whenever I find some spare times I will surely add my personal experience on the subject for your knowledge and information.

Web hosting is an important subject for all webmasters because they cannot survive without it in the online world. Therefore you will find an extensive resource or web hosting guide to learn and be wiser about the subject.