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Web hosting blog has been launched to keep you updated about the main Web Hosting Magazine that is the main source of hosting information for the webmasters and those related with hosting industry.

We will try to keep this blog updated with news and general information related to hosting industry. If you any suggestion or comments please do add them for the benefit of others.

Cheap or Best Web Hosting – What is Your Option?

While searching for web hosting people use different keywords that show what they like. There are number of people who type reliable web host which shows that they price consideration is not their problem and reliability of a web host is their number 1 priority.

Such web masters are considered as serious cyberpreneurs because they are not afraid of investing in their online business.

Before going ahead let us see what and how people search for web hosting:

Searches for the term:

  • Reliable web hosting: 390
  • Cheap web hosting: 2900
  • Best web hosting: 27,100

Other searches like affordable and low cost web hosting number come to 1300 and 1900 respectively. What all can be guessed from the above data that people who are desirous getting best web hosting are in a large number and they want that their business website should be get best web hosting that it deserves.

The number of people who give price a top priority is very low as compared with other and that comes to only 4490 if we combine all search volume. This is a healthy sign as the number is very low.

This depends on the type of presence you have or desire to have online. If you are a serious blogger who wants to prove his abilities online then you will of course not give price any importance and search for the best and reliable hosting. For this you can use web host directory to find the top web hosts that suits your budget and requirement.

Whereas if you are just a starter or a part time blogger and there is nothing at stake, I mean you are not interested to earn online then you will not like to spend a huge amount on hosting charges. This is understandable of course as there is nothing serious for you in the online world.

Well it all depends on different needs and requirements and there is nothing wrong in searching according to it. Good luck

Good Hosting & SEO Are Success Pillars for Online Business

If you want to have a successful online business then the two factors that play the most important role are carrying out good SEO of your website and hosting it with some reliable web host. I have seen number of people who spend lot of money on designing and decoration of their websites but when the time comes for these important things they try to hold back their money.

Whereas if you study the things closely then you will agree with me that until and unless you optimize your business website properly it can’t be found by your potential clients. This means no sales and no profit to you, so it is imperative for you to pay proper attention to this aspect in order to achieve profitable and effective online presence on the web. If you are a large business then you may consider employing a full time SEO agency otherwise a good SEO consultant can do the required job for you. It differs for every business and depends on your needs and requirements.

Similarly web hosting is another important aspect for the success of your online business because if your website don not load quickly and open up for the potential clients to see your products and services then it will have adverse effects on your credibility. So spend good time on your research and if you are on WordPress then find the best WordPress host for your business website. If you are using other platforms for your website like HTML, drupal, joomla etc then normal business web hosting from a reliable web host will do the things for you. Expenditure of a few extra bucks on web hosting can provide you with lot of benefits in the long run.

I have seen number of webmasters searching for cheap web host and my advice to them is that if you are really serious about your online presence then stop looking for cheap hosts. Instead go and find some reliable host, though price consideration should be sought out but your main priority must be a good reliable host so that your online business can flourish and you can make sales and profits online.

Uptime of Your Business Website

Business websites need to be online 24 hours a day because someone very wisely said that there’s no time fix time of death and a customer, they can arrive at any time.

Keeping in view this sentence you have to ensure the best uptime guarantee from your Business Web Hosting Provider so that you don’t lose a client because of your website being down and not available.

Most of the web hosts offer 99.9% uptime guarantee but you have to ensure personally by keeping a record of your sites’ uptime. There are several good online services that offer to monitor the uptime of your website. You may like to test the free service of Uptime Robot to monitor the uptime of your business website. This is one of the best website I came across for this purpose.

To ensure the availability of your website to the customers you should also monitor it personally. If you are using dedicated server hosting then the things may be somewhat easier for you because the dedicated servers are mostly looked after more efficiently. Of course the price is on the higher side but it does offer certain additional benefits that may help you to remain active and available to your clients for most of the time.

Why WordPress Only Recommends Just 1 Web Host?

It is strange to note that the on the official website of WordPress there’s only one web host that is recommended by them i.e. Bluehost where as there are number of other better hosting companies like InMotion WordPress Hosting and to name others Arvixe and another hosting giant HostGator etc.

I often think about it that why is it so? And this question of course arises in the mind of several other webmasters and bloggers like me.

Maybe WP has some special business arrangements with them or there is some other reason that they don’t want to disclose.

Whatever the reasons they have, of course there are other web hosts that are providing extremely better and cheaper services than bluehost. I have researched and used many web hosts during my decade+ online career but there is none best than InMotion not only because of the best price they offer but also for expert friendly support and quality of service.

With a free domain and the number of sites allowed on one hosting makes InMotion the number one choice for thousands of webmasters worldwide.

It seems strange that WP is recommending just one, whereas it would have been much better if they have recommended 3-5 web hosts and then left the choice with the bloggers to decide. No doubt about the fact that WordPress is used by millions of bloggers and webmasters and is a trusted open source platform. However point to remember is that it is only best platform and in no way a web hosting company itself.

So if you are a newcomer to the online world then don’t limit your thoughts to just one web hosts and read the WordPress hosting comparison to know the ifs & buts of the hosting companies providing WordPress hosting. Since it is your business website and you are the only best person to decide about its future.

Don’t Clutter Your WordPress Dashboard

If you use WordPress as your blogging platform then you must try to keep the things organized and clean. One of the way is to de-activate and delete the plugin that you do not use. It is a habit of several bloggers that they keep on installing any plugin that comes in their way.

Sometimes several copies of same type of plugin can be found in your WordPress dashboard, say you need a contact form utility, then after getting with the required plugin delete all others that are of the same type.

Unnecessary plugin in your WordPress dashboard will clutter it and it will get difficult to organize and manage the things properly.  If you have opted for good Managed WordPress Hosting then things can get easier for you. In addition to this unused plugin will also use more space and server resources, your WordPress website will get blotted and heavy.

So the best option is to make a list of all the plugin that you use frequently so that the next time whenever you require them you don’t need to search them again. It is also advisable to keep the use of plugin to bare minimum. Try to add minor utilities by theme customization.

Sometimes a simple piece of code added o one of your php file can save you from installing a plugin. Remember plugin are developed by others whom you have no relations. So if you are a serious blogger who want to remain online for a longer duration then try to learn the things yourself.

This does not mean that you stop using plugin at all, there are number of useful ones without which you cannot have a good WordPress site or blog. The only point I am emphasizing is to keep the usage of plugin to bare minimum and all the un-used plugin in your WordPress dashboard should be trashed.

Try it and your mind will be at peace. You can learn more by reading WordPress Tutorials to learn about the platform.

Selecting Best Web Host For WordPress Wisely

It is a natural desire of everybody to have his blog showcased in the best possible manner and for this you need a good web hosting. Hosting companies and their re-sellers are scattered on the web in bulk and often it gets difficult to select the right one that suits you.

If you are a serious online business then selecting the right host is even more important for you because your whole business is dependent on the quality of the hosting services. For WordPress sites it is more important to make the right selection. You have to ask around and try to get the best possible advise about web hosting. Instead of reading the reviews of several web hosts it is advisable to read the WordPress hosting comparison so that you can assess the web hosts depending upon their different qualities. This is because different top web hosts are compared depending on their prices and other facilities that they offer, which provides you with different useful information that can be helpful to you wile making hosting decisions.

However remember that since you are the affected party so you need to carryout the research and gather all the necessary data of the web host from whom you are interested to buy web hosting.

Don’t just act on others advise blindly and be very choosy about it. When you think that a particular web host is suitable for you then visit their website and try to use the option of chat support to clarify the doubts if any. You may like to go through InMotion WordPress Hosting Review to see why this web host is considered as the best and cheapest host for WordPress Hosting. Of course there are lot more others as well who claim to be the best web hosts but claims are just claims and you don’t have to get impressed by such claims. Use your own due diligence and own judgement.

The web host I mentioned above that is InMotion Hosting is considered as one of best hosting company in the industry. With excellent support and quality of services it can surely help you to host your website in a superb manner. The review is based on the facts, figures and my personnel experience so can check it out as a part of your research.

For many novice bloggers web hosting subject is a tricky one and they consider it as a rocket science which it is not and if it is even then rocket science is no more a secret one and anybody can learn the things easily.

Excellent Chat Support of InMotion Hosting

I had to contact the support department of InMotion Hosting couple of days before to clarify something. I am happy to see such a fine support through chat of the said web hosts. Firstly I got connected very quickly, about less than a minute wait time, secondly the chat technician named Adam C was very courteous and know his job very well.

The way he handled my questions was superb. The most important point due to which I have to mention this thing in my blog post is the follow up action of InMotion hosting support person. Due to some reason I got disconnected from the chat and felt sorry because my important question was about to be answered because I could see the text ‘Adam C is typing’ but I was unable to re-connect for a long time.

So I thought that I will contact them at some other time but to my surprise I got the follow up e-mail from the said person with the answer to my left out question. He very respectfully asked me if I had any other question.

This has left really an excellent impression on me, though I am not their present client but such gesture had made me think that if I needed any new web hosting then my first choice will of course b InMotion hosting.

If you had any such experience with your host please do share it with me so that I can mention it in my blog for the knowledge and information of others.

Google No Date/Timestamp Penalty

I read a very interesting post by  of seroundtable saying that he dislikes blogs and websites that don’t have timestamp with their posts. He was so annoyed with such bloggers and webmasters that he even demanded Google to penalize such blogs and sites. In his word:

I suggested that Google release a penalty for not having timestamps on blog posts or articles. Call it the Google No Date Penalty and slap this penalty down hard on bloggers who don’t have timestamps.

To add weight to his arguments quotes a tweet of Google’s John Mueller who also hate it.

I agree with him to some extent because this can’t happen with static websites having tutorials and guides like mine. Yes this is of course possible for the blogs and websites with daily updated content.

I want to request Bary to please exclude and excuse the websites that have static content. Well this was the lighter part of it, however the blogs and if possible websites should add at least dates with their posts so that people can get fresh content.

I am victim of this to because it happened number of times that on searching I found sites with years old content ranking high on SERPs. I am sure Google has sufficient resources to rank fresh content higher (of course where it is required).

If we load everybody in the same penalty boat then big sites with old static content like WiseGeek, About.com and several others will be badly affected.

Anyhow it was a nice post to read and it has also inspired me that I must have dates with my blog posts respecting the human nature to always get fresh milk.

Wikipedia Will Have Its Own Search Engine

Wikimedia foundation is in the process of developing its own search engine for Wikipedia website and secured a grant of $2,50,000 from Knight Foundation for the project. The project known as Knowledge Engine project will turn the wkipedia.org in to a search engine where users can search the required information right from their website.

According to the data Wikipedia is getting over 200 million search referrals per day from Google, Bing and other search engines. As a searcher if you search for some keyword on Google you will mostly see Wikipedia results at the top slots and if the same searches go to their website then it will surely have a negative impact on Google and other traditional search engines.

Entering in to search engine industry is the second try as Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales tried getting into search years ago with the launch of Wikia Search in 2008, but that service shut down just 14 months later.

People fond of Wikipedia will welcome its own search engine because they have to carry out a search process like, go to Google, and follow the Wikipedia link, read the content then come back to Google or Bing and search again. This exercise will end now and if Wikimedia Foundation is able to develop CirrusSearch (the name of their search engine) according to the peoples’ expectations then it will be a big service to the humanity of course.

There were news and rumors that Wikimedia is developing global crawler search engine that may threaten Google, Bing and other search engines. However the reports were denied by the Wikimedia Foundation and clarified its search-related intentions, saying it has no plans to build a search engine to crawl the web and compete with Google. Source

I as a general web surfer and searcher welcome the CirrusSearch project of Wikimedia Foundation because it will make the things easy and beneficial for the online community. The number of internet users is increasing at a rapid pace and the project will surely benefit the community.

As more people are struggling to have online presence such type of projects should be welcomed because dependency on the traditional search engines will reduce. The sense of healthy competition between the large companies will ultimately benefit the masses.